medini analyze User Conference

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The 4th International annual medini analyze User Conference was held on September 27th, 2018, in Berlin, Germany. The event is a key event for safety engineers but also safety managers to get together and discuss on the newest and hottest topics of state of the art on functional safety, reliability and quality engineering, and tooling. A second day (28th) was used for workshops with different topics such as SOTIF, system model based safety, and collaborative editing and safety engineering.

Over 50 people from 33 companies attended the event, from OEM, tier 1, and tier 2 organisations, but also semiconductors and consulting companies. All in all, the event was a very good place to discuss and disseminate essential AMASS key topics and objectives with specialists and safety experts. Among the AMASS partners, Jan Mauersberger, Marc Born and Michael Soden (all AMT) participated in both days. Michael presented our approach to exchange FMEDA results along the supply chain. Jan presented recent activities and results on collaborative editing.

The first day was filled with interesting presentations on how tools like medini analyze are used in practice. Rüdiger Diefenbach from Daimler AG for example explained how medini is (1) used by a large number of users to perform Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments across multiple business units, and (2) shared between “normal users” and reviewers. He also outlined recent plans to a more tool-guided safety management to better manage complex safety cases due to combination of series, systems, and versions in the future. Several tier suppliers showed their application of tools and norms with respect to autonomous driving and electrification, as well as challenges coming up due to  ISO 26262 2nd edition. There was a very interesting presentation from the Aviation domain, explaining that quick learning and adaptation of users to new tools is a key factor in decisions on tool landscape.

The second workshop day was fully packed with sessions on “safety case handover”, especially from Semiconductor to tier suppliers. Different viewpoints, limitations, and tool breaches due to historical reasons and “animosities” between suppliers were discussed. Future trends such as collaborative real-time editing and full traceability were discussed in detail. safety and security as co-located activities were tackled shortly.

In October 2018 there is a similar event planned that will happen in Troy, MI, USA. This event will be used too to share results of AMASS with a large community of safety experts.