Collaboration between Rapita and OHB for code coverage analysis

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The AMASS partners are collaborating in the execution of activities for assurance and certification of cyber-physical systems. This includes the study of how different technologies can make the activities more efficient. An example is the work by Rapita and OHB Sweden for code coverage analysis in accordance with DO-178C.

As part of AMASS, Rapita has worked with OHB Sweden to improve the efficiency of structural coverage analysis testing for an Attitude Orbital Control System used on the Electra satellite, while supporting future adoption of DO-178C certification processes. OHB Sweden was using an open-source coverage analysis tool to provide coverage data, for which no qualification support is available. Rapita was asked to provide a more efficient coverage analysis solution, also integrated with the existing code generation and test environment and with a tool qualification path already in place.

Rapita has worked with OHB Sweden to integrate RapiCover into the existing build and test environment to collect structural coverage data at DO-178C Level B while tests are run on source library functions. Because of the flexible architecture of both RapiCover and OHB Sweden’s development environment, integration was accomplished while making minimal changes to the build system.

The benefits of the solution include 40% reduction in end-to-end testing time, justifications for tracking manual analysis of coverage, and full support for analysis of C code.

More information about this collaboration is available in a short report in the Dissemination section.