5th AMASS General Meeting

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The AMASS consortium gathered together in Vienna on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd for the 5th General Meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by AIT. Forty-six people attended the meeting. They outlined the work performed during the fourth semester of the project, presented the ongoing work, and discussed the work in the next six months. Both technical and non-technical aspects were covered.

The discussions on technical aspects paid great attention to the use of the second prototype of the AMASS Tool Platform (aka Prototype P1) in the project’s industrial case studies. The degree to which P1 features had been covered and the conclusions drawn from P1 usage were among the main points discussed. The consortium agreed upon the final research and implementation work for the third prototype of the AMASS Tool Platform (aka Prototype P2) on architecture-driven assurance, multi-concern assurance, seamless interoperability, and assurance reuse. This work includes advanced features for CHESS, new means for co-analysis, co-engineering, and co-assurance of safety and security, finalisation of the features for tool integration and collaborative work of the AMASS Tool Platform, and the enactment of reuse approaches in new scenarios that tackle cross-domain needs.

Regarding the non-technical aspects, the plans for the next EAB workshop, for the further development of the AMASS open source community, and for AMASS results transfer were presented. The upcoming needs for exploitation, dissemination, training, and standardisation were also reported. SAFECOMP 2018 workshops are among the main dissemination events to consider in the next months, as AMASS partners are involved in the organization of several (DECSoS, SASSUR, and WAISE).

Among the deliverables that will materialise the meeting outcomes, all the technical development work packages (WP3-6) will have their deliverables for design, implementation, and methodological guidance, for Prototype P2, released before the next general meeting. This meeting will be held in Bilbao in October 2018 and will strongly focus on the project’s case studies and on the industrial application of AMASS results.