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AMASS Open Industrial Workshop

AMASS is organising an Open Industrial Workshop on March 28th, 2019, in Florence, Italy, to present practical aspects and concrete application examples of the main AMASS results.

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Fifth semester of AMASS (and new newsletter)

AMASS has entered into its last six months towards the provision of the European-wide open platform and community for assurance and certification of cyber-physical systems! This post summarises the progress made during the fifth semester of the project, complementing previous posts on e.g.

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6th AMASS General Meeting

The AMASS consortium gathered together in Bilbao on October 16th, 17th, and 18th for the 6th General Meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by TEC. Forty people attended the meeting.

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AMASS presence at SAFECOMP 2018

As explained in a prior post, AMASS contributed to the organization of the SASSUR workshop at SAFECOMP 2018, the 37th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security.

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The SASSUR 2018 workshop has been successfully held!

SASSUR 2018, the 7th International Workshop on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems, was held on September 18, 2018, in Västerås, Sweden, as a SAFECOMP 2018 workshop.

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Second workshop with EAB members

The second workshop with the members of the AMASS EAB (External Advisory Board) was held in Västerås, Sweden, on September 17th, hosted by MDH.

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Best paper award at QUATIC 2018!

The paper on AMASS work entitled "Preventing Omission of Key Evidence Fallacy in Process-based Argumentations", by Faiz UL Muram, Barbara Gallina, and Laura Gómez Rodríguez (

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SACM 2.0, the new version of the standard for structured assurance cases

An assurance case is a collection of auditable claims, arguments, and evidence created to justify that a system or service satisfies its dependability requirements. Assurance cases play a major in the certification of critical systems in most application domains, including those covered in AMASS.

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Article about AMASS in Eclipse newsletter

As a part of the dissemination activities of AMASS, an article has been prepared for the Eclipse newsletter of July 2018 to present the toolset that the project is consolidating and developing for assurance and certification of cyber-physical systems.

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